Installing a new fireplace

Natural stones are naturally the best material for fireplace. You can use stone tiles in and around your fireplace.

But then, there is carbon and burn stains on the tiles that don’t easily go ( Due to the porous natural of these tiles, the stains seems like they have homed into those pores.

Cleaning –

professional service for this job; and be informed that this is not going to be an affordable spend.

To avoid additional expenses, it is advisable to clean your fireplace frequently.( Otherwise, be ready to deal with difficult to remove stains and heavy service charges.

Most often, you can do the cleaning of your fireplace tiles ( However, if it is heavily stained, then you can consider calling up a

Here are some of the tips for cleaning fireplace tiles –

  • Make sure there is no fire or burning red coal in the fireplace
  • Take a small bucket filled with hot/warm water
  • Mix two tablespoons of liquid soap into it. Dissolve the soap completely
  • Dip a scrubbing brush into the mixture
  • Rub the brush over the tiles and muddied spots on your fireplace tiles
  • Run the brush over grout lines as well
  • Take another bucket filled with clean fresh water
  • Dip and dampen an old towel into it
  • Rub the tiles removing the black stains on them
  • Now, wipe the tiles with clean dry towel

This is the routine cleaning. Typically, your fireplace should be cleaned every month during the season, and once before the season begins and once after it ends.

For deeper cleaning, follow these tips –

  • Wear protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and a full sleeve shirt
  • Mix trisodium phosphate powder into a bucket filled with water
  • Use this mixture to remove grease and difficult stains
  • Apply or spray it over the tiles in your fireplace
  • Let it be there for some time
  • Now, dip a brush into the mixture and rub it over the stained areas
  • Now, wipe the tiles with clean water and then, dry cloth piece.